Our Chief Valuation Consultant, Sunday Times Best Selling Golf Author & Historian, DALE CONCANNON

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"Expertise is something you simply cannot obtain by reading a book. Golf Memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes and covers so many areas from Early Clubs and Balls, to paintings and books. I have been collecting Golfiana for over 35 years and valueing it for more than 20. Knowing the 'rightness' of an individual item is vital when it comes to placing a correct valuation. In this field, inexperience can often prove a huge disadvantage as the difference between a £50 club and £500 can be negligible.

My job is to identify whether or not our clients have something special along with placing a value on that item. Equally, I value items for collectors who are looking to invest (in some cases) many thousands of pounds in a single purchase.

For me its simply the best job in the world.."


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