Wonderful Golf 'Moving' Magic Latern slide. Circa 1890s.

£250Ref: MEM0779

Wonderful Golf 'Moving' Magic Latern slide. Circa 1880s.

There are two glass plates held parallel to each other in a wooden frame. The operator of the magic lantern would project the light through through both plates together. In this case, this would intially show to the audience an image of a man peaceably reading a newspaper, while a golfer in the background lines up a drive his ball. After allowing the audience to look at this image for long enough to register the scene, the projectionist would slide the back plate along the frame. This would have the effect of removing a blacked-out area from one part of the image and introducing a blacked-out area into another, creating the illusion of the ball flying towards the newspaper reader and knocking off his top hat. The painted image is in nice bright condition and the glass is fully intact. The frame of the slide is made from mahogany and is also in good shape.

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